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Diversionary Programs/ Prison Alternatives

At both the federal and state levels, diversionary programs and other prison alternatives exist that can dramatically reduce or eliminate a prison term. For example, the federal RDAP (residential drug abuse program) has potential to shorten prison terms by a full year. And in certain cases, special drug courts or mental health courts can put defendants into diversionary programs instead of into prison. 

At PCA, we do deep research into all applicable diversionary or sentence reduction programs and often see defendants' sentences reduced as a result.

Our Mission Is To Handle Your Criminal Case Until The End!

At PCA, we are on a mission to ensure that every person facing criminal charges in the United States are given a fair trial and the respect they deserve. We are going to fight until the end that nobody falls through the cracks of the prison system. Criminal cases in the United States have a significant impact on the prison population. We are dedicated to doing everything humanly possible to prevent incarceration or to minimize the length of incarceration where it cannot be averted.

In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that U.S. sentencing guidelines are just that — guidelines, and therefore not at all mandatory. They stated that there are numerous characteristics of both criminal offenders and criminal offenses that judges are Constitutionally allowed to take into consideration when rendering a sentence. And again in 2009, the Supreme Court ruled that sex offender defendants have a Constitutional right to a full investigation into possible "mitigating factors" that could reduce their sentence, and that their attorneys have a Constitutional duty to provide them with this information.

We at Prison Consultants of America will spend the time on your case that any ordinary lawyer may not have the resources to accomplish. We have obtained the best legal minds in area of criminal law. Criminal cases are specialized and should be handled by experts and lawyers that know what they are doing. It is important to understand what evidence you can include for the benefit of putting together the best defense possible. Ordinary lawyers do not have a specific niche in this area expect the highly skilled and trained Criminal Lawyers who are dedicated to fighting criminal cases throughout the United States. This is a specific niche in a specific area of the law that only the best outcomes are from lawyers within our firm. It falls to us at PCA, to analyze every criminal crime case that comes through our door to make sure all possible defenses are exhausted and all mitigating factors are explored. If there exists any possible alternatives to imprisonment it will be argued in your case, and we will fight to the end against sentences being imposed on defendants simply because of the connotation the criminal charge carries in the criminal justice system. Call us today for a free confidential consultation at 619-663-6859.  

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At Prison Consultants of America, our services are extremely varied and extensive, as wide and intricately detailed as are the federal/state sentences guidelines and policies that we routinely analyze. Below, we introduce you to the basics of what we do, covering six of our most common service areas.

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