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Prison Consultants of America (PCA) is one of the most respected criminal defense law firms in the United States. We only handle cases where there exists a significant criminal exposure for a client. Our goal is to reduce or prevent any prison commitment through utilizing all aspects of the criminal justice system from the top 1% of criminal defense attorneys in the United States. Our attorneys understand how to navigate through the entire legal system from the charging stages of the case when the initial complaint is filed to the sentencing ramifications and certain prison commitments that should be avoided at all costs. Our lawyers are among the most reputable attorneys in the courthouses in the United States and handle the most high-profile cases that exist. Through our connections with the courts and institutions you will never fall through the cracks of the criminal justice system. Our research team and experts are on-call any day or night. We are in a position to provide better assistance in your case than most lawyers in the United States. We are up to date on all federal and state regulations, polices, and programs that would put you in the best possible light moving forward with your criminal case. We can maximize the chances of prison terms being exchanged for other sentencing elements, of sentences being reduced, and of inmates availing themselves of early release programs.

PCA works with clients in every U.S. state, both at the federal and state levels, and offers valuable expertise in relation to the court process all the way through the prison system. We offer negotiation assistance with your criminal case to put you in the best possible position moving toward trial. All of our lawyers have a masters in trial advocacy and have spent a significant amount of time publishing journals on the rules of evidence in criminal courts. We handle all aspects of the sentencing phase and even are committed to your case if you need assistance while incarcerated.  

PCA staff can consult with any type of defendant, but a large proportion of our clients are those charged with "white collar" crimes, such as insurance fraud, embezzlement, grand theft, and the like, and thus, we have especially deep knowledge of how to minimize/eliminate prison terms for this class of crimes. While sentencing can often be harsh for white collar crimes, Prison Consultants of America can show you how to lobby the presiding judge for a shorter sentence and for a lower-security prison (which will be safer than being incarcerated with more violent inmates typically held in high-security facilities).

We provide both pre and post sentencing services, and in fact, cover the full spectrum of prison consulting services. In our pre-sentencing role, we first of all work tirelessly to find a way to avoid incarceration entirely, through a favorable plea agreement that a particular defendant can reasonably expect to obtain, given his personal and criminal history and other possible mitigating factors. Secondarily, when prison terms cannot be eliminated, we "dig up" all possible ways to reduce the sentence, and advise our clients on how that "legal gold" might be of assistance in their particular case.

Finally, a major part of what we do at Prison Consultants of America is in the realm of post-sentencing consultation. First and foremost, we give future inmates valuable advice on how to survive and cope with the new environment they will soon find themselves in.

For example, it is best to "keep a low profile" and learn "prison etiquette." One should not simply join in a conversation uninvited or ask questions about another inmate's criminal record or what crime they are "in for." Also, most fights in prison break out over use of the TV, so you should never enter the TV room and simply "take over." And besides these kinds of tips, we also help future inmates learn how to defend themselves, should they become involved in a prison fight through no fault of their own.

Finally, we help inmates get into facilities with drug/alcohol rehab programs they can complete and with early release programs. We instruct them to submit to guards, even during strip searches, and to accept the loss of personal freedom as part and parcel of being a prisoner. 

At PCA, we can assist you before, during, and following sentencing to lighten sentences and make time spent in prison as safe as possible. We have a long track record of success and deep experience in the industry.

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